chronic candidiasis

chronic candidiasis (krˑ·nik kanˈ·d·dīˑ··sis),

n a complex syndrome with multiple symptoms caused by the yeast
Candida albicans in the gastrointestinal tract and thought to negatively affect the majority of the body's systems. Also called the
yeast syndrome.
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Individuals with both chronic candidiasis and chronic fatigue have been shown to be low in CoQ10.
I have used intravaginal boric acid to treat chronic candidiasis for the past 33 years and have found it to be highly effective.
It isn't clear what causes vulvodynia, but researchers speculate that it may develop from any number of causes, including: an injury to, or irritation of, the nerves that transmit pain and other sensations from the vulva; an abnormal response of different types of vulvar cells to infection or trauma; elevated levels of inflammatory substances in the vulvar tissue; and/or chronic candidiasis (yeast infection).
albicans and polysomatic symptomatology sometimes termed Candida hypersensitivity syndrome; chronic candidiasis sensitivity; chronic Candida; or, popularly the "yeast connection.
Chronic candidiasis of groin in this diabetic patient may be responsible for peculiar localization of the tumour.
6 Can chronic candidiasis, in our case, be responsible for the peculiar localization of seborrhoeic keratosis?
The reason for the chronic candidiasis and its relationship to the endocrinopathies in these patients is unclear.
Those diagnosed with ailments, such as the vapors, neurasthenia, effort syndrome, epidemic neuromyasthenia, myalgic encephalomyelitis, multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome, chronic candidiasis, chronic mononucleosis, chronic Epstein-Barr viral infection, and postviral fatigue syndrome, probably all had what we now call chronic fatigue syndrome.
Other chronic candidiasis are hyperplastic (candidal leukoplakia), and atrophic (denture stomatitis).
Others dismiss alleged chronic Candidiasis as the cause of a variety of seemingly unrelated disease symptoms as merely the latest fad diagnosis.
Stephen Olmstead, chief science officer of Klaire Labs, ended the symposium with a review of immunological abnormalities in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome and with chronic candidiasis sensitivity (yeast syndrome).
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