chronic abscess

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chron·ic ab·scess

a long-standing collection of pus surrounded by fibrous tissue.
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chronic abscess

An abscess with pus but without signs of inflammation. It usually develops slowly as a result of liquefaction of tuberculous tissue. It may occur anywhere in or on the body but more frequently in the spine, hips, genitourinary tract, and lymph glands. Symptoms may be very mild. Pain, when present, is caused by pressure on surrounding parts; tenderness is often absent. Chronic septic changes accompanied by afternoon fever may occur. Amyloid disease may develop if the abscess persists for a prolonged period.
Synonym: cold abscess
See also: abscess
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We present what we believe is the first case to be reported in literature of autoamputation of the vermiform appendix secondary to a chronic abscess involving an endometrioma, as well as the right fallopian tube and ovary.
Physical examination revealed multiple matted cervical nodes without chronic abscesses in seven cases, and cervical abscesses with nodes were present in five cases; in these 12 cases, lymph node excision and biopsy were needed to confirm the clinical diagnosis [Figure 1].
Clinical management of chronic abscess in Asian Elephant (Elephas maximus).
However, one case presented with chronic abscess with foul odour content during surgical removal and that was a recurrent cyst for the third time.
It can be present either as an acute or chronic abscess but is usually an acute exacerbation of chronic periodontal disease [2].
Reported complications have included severe enterocolitis involving the ileocecal region, appendicitis, small bowel gangrene, intestinal perforation, peritonitis, hepatic and splenic abscesses, chronic abscess formation in the inguinal region, and fatal septicemia.

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