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Regardless, with the intense publicity surrounding disciplinary cases involving leaders of the LLMD movement, such as Jemsek and Burrascano, (153) it is unsurprising that the chronic Lyme disease movement directed its activities toward preventing such disciplinary actions in the first place.
Todd Hunter was the primary Texas House of Representatives supporter of a medical reform bill for protection of physicians who treat chronic Lyme disease, and was listed as its lead author.
Without antibiotic treatment, patients with chronic Lyme Disease will deteriorate or die.
Musical hallucinations have been noted in several patients with hearing loss and chronic Lyme disease (R.
Spirochetes in the spleen of a patient with chronic Lyme disease.
Liegner and other clinicians who treat chronic Lyme disease.
Although both trials were identical in design, one trial enrolled 78 chronic Lyme disease patients who tested positive for antibodies to the Lyme bacterium, while the other trial enrolled 51 people with chronic symptoms but no evidence of antibodies.
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy as an effective adjunctive treatment for chronic Lyme disease.
NEIDs are also referred to as “complex chronic diseases” or “chronic multi-system diseases” and include myalgic encephalomyelitis / chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia syndrome, chronic Lyme disease, Gulf War illness and multiple chemical sensitivities / environmental illness.
A controlled study of cognitive deficits in children with chronic Lyme disease.
Those of us with chronic Lyme disease are not at all confused, as suggested by Sigal and Hassett (2002).
While test sensitivity increases when patients progress to later stages of the disease, patients with chronic Lyme disease may remain seronegative.

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