chromosomal map

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chro·mo·som·al map

(krō'mŏ-sŏ'măl map)
A formal, stylized representation of the karyotype and of the positioning and ordering on it of those loci that have been localized by any of several mapping methods.
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(map) [L. mappa (mundi), map (of the world)]
A graphic presentation in two dimensions of the location of all or part of an area.

body map

A map showing a patient's injuries, lesions, or wounds. It is used to record maltreatment by another person in a case of physical abuse or violence.

care map

Clinical pathway.

choropleth map

A map on which areas are colored or shaded according to variables, e.g., where a disease is active and where quiescent.

chromosomal map

See: gene mapping

fate map

A map showing the regions of embryonic cells that will develop into specific differentiated organs and tissues in the body of the adult.

genetic map

See: gene mapping

linkage map

Gene mapping.

mind map

A method of learning or organizing data in which a person starts with a central concept and then arranges related concepts, facts, and ideas around it in a way that helps the cartographer make sense of the material.
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