chromosomal gap

chro·mo·som·al gap

a localized area of thinning in a chromatid which may simulate a complete break.
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Types of structural chromosomal aberrations were classified into following groups: chromatid breaks (ctb) chromosome breaks (csb), chromatid and chromosomal gap (ctg) The final results were judged as follows: negative (-) if the frequency of aberrant cells was <5%, inconclusive ([+ or -]) if [greater than or equal to]5 % but <10 % and positive (+) if [greater than or equal to] 10 %.
GTG-bands were induced to identify/localize chromosomal gaps and breaks by using 0.3% trypsin solution in 9 ml of Sorensen's buffer.
Chromosomal gaps and breaks mapped to Individual chromosomal G-bands at different FUdR levels in lohi sheep (Ovis aries) genome 0 [micro]g/ml 5 [micro]g/ml Bands Freq.