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sup][5] Chromosomal analysis of this case revealed a normal male karyotype.
Hormonal profile and chromosomal analysis were normal in all the 19 patients.
8) reported that the reason directing to chromosomal analysis in at least half of the cases of 48,XXYY syndrome before puberty was presence of one or multiple dysmorphic findings.
It may also reflect a falsely low calculated population prevalence because of some patients not being confirmed with chromosomal analysis, as described earlier.
No detectable change was observed in the chromosomal analysis (Fig 2).
Chromosomal analysis was completed prenatally or at the time of ultrasonography, diagnosing demise for 14.
Scientists used chromosomal analysis to compare gene arrangements for mosquitoes both inside and outside the Anopheles gambiae family to trace the evolutionary connections.
The case had been referred to the SSKM Hospital for further hormonal study and chromosomal analysis.
NICH offers numerous investigations and tests like insulin tolerance test, antibodies for celiac disease, chromosomal analysis etc.
Although there is no pathognomonic clinical feature of this syndrome, any woman with short stature along with underdeveloped genitalia and uterus should be considered for diagnosis of TS with assistance of chromosomal analysis.
Every patient of polyhydramnios should have a complete investigation profile including expert ultrasonography, amniocentesis for chromosomal analysis and glucose tolerance testing.
The chromosomal analysis of the mother was normal, while paternal chromosomal analysis was not done due to refusal of the father.