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In contrast, lysine 302 of Air-OX2R1-Like was not in the proximity of the predicted chromophore pocket but rather on a very distant region of the sixth helix.
In our study, red and blue food dyes were used to mimic the oxygenated hemoglobin and hemoglobin chromophores respectively.
It is concluded from the results of the study that the colorimetric method developed for analysis of AS in bulk and injectable dosage form is not only simple, reliable, Moreover, the method requires less time to introduce chromophore as compared to the other reported techniques.
It is a sensitive parameter in the evaluation of chromophore molecular alignment in polymer films.
The absorption bands in the 338-335 nm range have resulted from p-p transition due to -CH=N- chromophore group.
The connection between resonance scattering and chromophore packing inside the cell was used by Bialek to probe the structure of chloroplasts (24).
Melanin, however, the target chromophore, absorbs poorly at this wavelength.
The chromophore formation occurs very fast (1) and can be related to the formation of quinoides, aromatic ketones, and aldehydes.
Copper impurities, for example, can impart a blue or green color to many otherwise colorless species, Thus, that beautiful apple-green smithsonite from Tsumeb which owes its color to the presence of copper was called "herrerite" (named after the local Herero tribe), and the equally attractive Tsumeb adamite colored by the same chromophore was known as "cuproadamite.
We believe the judgment of facial skin age is influenced by uneven chromophore distribution and a decrease in light reflection," said Grammer.
This results is a negative fluorescent image, essentially a dark spot at the chromophore position surrounded by a sharp halo of emission.