chromium trioxide

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chro·mi·um tri·ox·ide

CrO3; chromic acid, a strong oxidizing agent used as a caustic to remove warts and other small growths from the skin and genitals.
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Accelerated weathering of wood surfaces modified by chromium trioxide. Holzforschung 52(5):467-471.
If you want to continue using chromium trioxide you will have to register with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).
You must notify EHCA within 3 months of the first use of the substance after the authorisation has been published in the Official Journal that you intend to continue using chromium trioxide. ECHA will forward information to the Member State Competent Authorities, for the UK it will be the Health & Safety Executive (HSE).
Figure 1 shows the total copper oxide, chromium trioxide, and arsenic pentoxide retention in CCA-treated guardrail posts from different horizontal positions (outer, middle, and inner) and vertical positions (top, middle, and bottom).
Chromium trioxide and sodium dichromate are both identified as SVHCs under REACH and Dalic is a member of the CTAC consortium applying for authorisation for their continued use.
In 2013, Vecco and 185 other European companies brought a case against the EU, regarding the interpretation of REACH legislation in terms of chromium trioxide (CrO3) .
However, due to the reclassification of chromium trioxide from toxic to very toxic, by the European Chemicals Bureau, many of SEA's members will now come under COMAH.