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Munsell colour system

A system of classification of colours composed of about 1000 colour samples, each designated by a letter and number system. The letter and number of each sample indicate its hue, saturation (called chroma in this system) and brightness (called value). They are represented by a three-dimensional polar coordinate system in which the hue is represented along the circumference, the value along the vertical axis and the chroma along a radius (Fig. M14). See colorimetry; Farnsworth test.
Fig. M14 Schematic representation of the three coordinates of the Munsell colour systemenlarge picture
Fig. M14 Schematic representation of the three coordinates of the Munsell colour system
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The YIQ model was designed to separate chrominance from luminance, a requirement in the early days of colour television.
Most chrominance changes in a real scene are accompanied by a luminance change [5].
In addition, Fujitsu's proprietary H.264 compression algorithm, which uses the 4:2:2(3) chrominance format, enables footage of fast-moving sports like soccer to be broadcast without sacrificing quality, ensuring that viewers at home can enjoy realistic and thrilling videos of world-class soccer matches.
The results show that the viewers estimated that the best ratio between quality and compression level is achieved at compression level 8, which corresponds to approximate quality factors of 88,28 for luminance, and 90,19 for chrominance. At that compression level, the sample image file was % the size of the original, and was not on the borderline where viewer starts noticing reduction in quality.
Chrominance and luminance filters limit dot crawl effects and tearing effects are managed using a dedicated tearing effect signal.
Based on determining the smoke edge regions whose wavelet subband energies decrease with time, these regions are then analyzed along with their corresponding background regions with respect to their RGB and chrominance values to achieve real-time detection of smoke [14].
-- 3DY/C separator that accurately separates the luminance and chrominance in NTSC signals to reduce dot-crawl and cross-color artifacts and enable high-quality video capturing