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Munsell colour system

A system of classification of colours composed of about 1000 colour samples, each designated by a letter and number system. The letter and number of each sample indicate its hue, saturation (called chroma in this system) and brightness (called value). They are represented by a three-dimensional polar coordinate system in which the hue is represented along the circumference, the value along the vertical axis and the chroma along a radius (Fig. M14). See colorimetry; Farnsworth test.
Fig. M14 Schematic representation of the three coordinates of the Munsell colour systemenlarge picture
Fig. M14 Schematic representation of the three coordinates of the Munsell colour system


n a measurement of color saturation or the degree of color pureness. A color that is identified with a high chroma hue is almost completely free of white.
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As the human visual system is more sensitive to details in luminance than to details in chrominance, the chrominance components can be compressed at high rate.
High compression of chrominance data by use of segmentation of luminance.
Furthermore, film and digital cameras, as well as computers, produce images with varying levels of luminance and chrominance, not all of which meet broadcast standards.
Video quality challenges, such as luminance and chrominance separation and resolution, have existed since the 1950s.
These HDTV standards follow a 4:2:2 convention where luminance and chrominance signals are separated onto two different 8- or 10-bit data paths.
These include peaking, sub-pixel luminance sharpness enhancement (LSE), chrominance sharpness enhancement (CSE) and dynamic histogram-based contrast adjustment.
The Adaptive Color and Contrast(TM) Function enhances the consumer viewing experience by maximizing the luminance and chrominance dynamic range of the LCD panel.
Two separate color decoders with 2D/3D comb filters for NTSC and PAL eliminate irritating chrominance and luminance artifacts.
The FMS6414 is perfectly suited for S-Video and other similar applications where the chrominance (chroma) and luminance (luma) are separated.
Additional quality enhancing features include integrated anti-alias filters that improve the video decoding process, and an adaptive 4H luminance and chrominance comb filter that improves the color separation process to provide crisper video images.
Pro- fessional scopes provide precise monitoring of chrominance and luminance val- ues via waveforms, histograms and new 3D scopes.