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2H-1-benzopyran; fundamental unit of the tocopherolquinones.
See also: chroman, chromanol, chromenol.
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A New antifungal chromene and a related Di-chromene from Hypericum revolutum.
Miroestrol is a chromene derivative with a chemical structure similar to an estrogenic hormone, estradiol (Terenius 1968) and is reported to exhibit an estrogenic-like effect through binding to intracellular estrogen receptor a (ER-[alpha]) and ER-[beta], which function as ligand-activated transcription factors (Matsumura et al.
The condensation of 1 with diethylmalonate in boiling benzene in the presence of diethyl sodio-malonate as basic condensing agent afforded the chromene derivative (10).
pyrone type, chromene, diketone, or quinone groups) and delocalised [pi]-electrons of the basal planes are assumed to have a basic nature (Contescu et al.
kata at Laws 894b10 and chromene? at Laws 897b1), and there is a similar relation between primary and secondary causation in the Timaeus (68e).
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The cyclization of the C-2 prenyl group of [alpha]-mangostin to the C-2 and C-3 substituted chromene ring as seen in mangostanol and 3-isomangostin significantly reduced the AChE (p < 0.05) and BChE (p < 0.001) inhibitory activities of the latter.
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Piperidine (0.1 mL, 1.1 mmol) was added dropwise with heating to a solution of the 8'-formyl-7'-hydroxy-3-methylspiro (2,3-dihydrobenzo[1,3]oxazine-4-oxo-2,2'-[2H] chromene) (1mmol) and corresponding 2,3,3-trimethyl-1-R-indolenilium perchlorate (1mmol) in 2-propanol (5mL).
Tambien, en primavera y verano, la concentracion de los compuestos quimicos Lachnophylum ester 1 y Werneria chromene 3 incrementa cuando la presion de insectos es alta.
Three highly oxygenated chromene derivatives, oxi-rapentyns B (56), C (57) and D (58) were isolated from the lipophilic extract of marine-derived fungus Isaria felina KMM 4639 (Smetanina et al.