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word element [Gr.], color; chromatin.
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, chromat-chromato-chromo- (krōm, krō-mat', krō-mat'ō, krō'mō),
[G. chrōma]
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, chromat- , chromato- , chromo-
Combining forms denoting color.
[G. chrōma]
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* * Western Technologies Chemical analysis of raw materials and rubber Spectrophotometry, spectrometry & Chromato- spectroscopy graphy Flame Nuclear emission/ magnetic atomic resonance absorption Gas Liquid Akron Polymer Laboratories, Inc.
To attain this objective, a rapid and sensitive reversed phase high performance liquid chromato- graphic (RP-HPLC) method has been developed and validated according to the guidelines of FDA, ICH and USP with respect to accuracy, precision, specificity and linearity.
Perchlorate concentration was analyzed using a Metrohm-861 Advanced Compact ion chromato- graphy equipped with a Metrosep A Supp 5 (250x4 mm) analytical separation column, a Metrosep RP Guard column, and a detection stabilizer (providing a temperature of 35 degC).
Blood, urine, ashed bones samples, dried in quartz ampules, sealed and irradiated in a reactor, 233Pa, the cooled irradiated samples were cleaned by multiple column chromato- graphy, solvent extraction and evaporated on counting planchettes [87, 89].