, chromane (krō'man, -mān),
Fundamental unit of the tocopherols (vitamin E).
See also: chromanol, chromene, chromenol.
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Newly elected first-time trustees include: Monica Casiello of US Title Solutions; Blake Chroman of Sitex Group; Michael Cohen of Liberty Property Trust; former Lt.
The great Nathan Chroman of the Los Angeles Times saved our bacon.
When Jason Chroman relocated from San Francisco to the suburbs, he and his family moved into a bigger, newer house.
[C.sub.21]-[C.sub.25] regular isoprenoids are absent or are present in traces only, 8-methyl-2-methyl-2-(4,8,12-tri-methyltridecyl) chroman is absent, extended homohopanes above [C.sub.31] are not prominent in hopane distribution, [C.sub.35] homohopane is absent) [8].
(I) Conventional TZDs: which fit into the topology of synthetic PPAR[gamma] agonist (i) With large size rings as lipophilic tail (a) Pyridyl TZDs (b) Pyrimidyl TZDs (ii) With bulky groups as lipophilic tail (a) Naphthyl TZDs (b) Styryl TZDs (c) Diphenyloxy TZDs (d) Pyridyl-Pyrrolidinyl TZDs (iii) With fused polynuclear/heterocyclic lipophilic tail (a) Indolyl TZDs (b) Pthalazinyl TZDs (c) Quinazolinyl TZDs (d) Quinoxalinyl TZDs (e) Benzpyryl (chroman) TZDs (f) Benzoxazolyl TZDs (g) Benzisoxazolyl TZDs (h) Benzoxazinyl TZDs (i) Dibenzpyryl TZDs (j) Imidazopyridyl TZDs (II) Unconventional TZDs: which do not fit into the topology of PPAR[gamma] agonists (a) TZD without characteristic lipophilic tail (b) TZD without characteristic linkers
Flavonoids, as polyphenolic compounds are based on a C15 (C6-C3-C6) framework that possess a chroman ring with a second aromatic ring at the C-2, C-3, or C-4 position that renders them hydrogen and electron donors [7].
SDDC is "focused on building readiness during peacetime and during contingency operations" in the homeland and around the globe, said SDDC Chief of Staff COL Jordan Chroman, USA.
Both tocopherols and tocotrienols (T3) belong to the family vitamin E, with each of them comprising four homologs ([alpha], [beta], [gamma], and [delta]); they differ structurally in that tocopherols contain a saturated phytyl chain whereas tocotrienols possess an unsaturated isoprenoid side chain attached to 2-position on the chroman ring (Sen et al., 2006) (Fig.
L'Occitane was represented by David Knee, senior managing director, and Blake Chroman, senior vice president, with JLL.
Amongst the diverse classes of heterocyclic compounds chroman, a class of oxygen containing heterocycle forms an important part of many pharmacologically active compounds.
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