, chromane (krō'man, -mān),
Fundamental unit of the tocopherols (vitamin E).
See also: chromanol, chromene, chromenol.
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Both tocopherols and tocotrienols (T3) belong to the family vitamin E, with each of them comprising four homologs ([alpha], [beta], [gamma], and [delta]); they differ structurally in that tocopherols contain a saturated phytyl chain whereas tocotrienols possess an unsaturated isoprenoid side chain attached to 2-position on the chroman ring (Sen et al.
L'Occitane was represented by David Knee, senior managing director, and Blake Chroman, senior vice president, with JLL.
In actuality, alpha-tocopherol is one member of a class of phytochemicals that are distinguished by varying methylation of a chroman head group.
5 and 6)' and interact with the rubber compound via chroman ring and methylene bridge formation (refs.
Natural vitamin E does not necessarily contain all four tocopherols (alpha, beta, delta, and gamma tocopherols) and these compounds are not stereoisomers of one another but actually differ in the number and position of methyl groups on the chroman ring.
Alan Chroman, a Beverly Hills psychiatrist who works with Century City Hospital, advises his nervous fliers to think back to pleasant flight experiences, like those during which nothing happened.
Nathan Chroman, wine columnist for Wine Enthusiast magazine.
Hampshire has retained the Jones Lang LaSalle leasing team of David Knee, Blake Chroman, Chad Hillyer and Jenna Imperatore as its exclusive leasing agents for the portfolio.
The Chroman ring structures (39), (40) were the intermediate reaction between the phenolic and ENR molecules, probable reaction mechanisms are shown in Schemes 1 and 2 for the reaction of SP-1045 and HRJ-10518 with ENR-30, respectively.
Allen Chroman, an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of California, Los Angeles, agreed that ``John-John,'' as he was known to the world, represented the Kennedy legacy, the hope, the next in line.
Kossar, David Knee, Blake Chroman and Christopher Hile represented the property owner, Prologis, in the following transactions: