chromaffin reaction

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chro·maf·fin re·ac·tion

production of a yellow-brown to brown coloration in normal and abnormal cells containing epinephrine and norepinephrine when fresh tissue slices are placed in a dichromate-chromate mixture overnight; useful for detection of pheochromocytoma (adrenal medulla) and other tumors that produce catecholamines.
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chromaffin reaction

Histological demonstration of cytoplasmic granules containing epinephrine when subjected to stains containing chromium salts. Such granules stain green with ferric chloride, yellow with iodine, and brown with osmic acid.


taking up and staining strongly with chromium salts.

chromaffin reaction
application of Zenker's solution to the flat cut surface of freshly excised chromaffin tumor forms a dark pigment within 20 minutes.
chromaffin tissue
a tissue composed largely of chromaffin cells, well supplied with nerves and vessels; it occurs in the adrenal medulla and also forms the paraganglia of the body, e.g. the carotid bodies, along with the sympathetic nerves, and in other organs.