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Munsell colour system

A system of classification of colours composed of about 1000 colour samples, each designated by a letter and number system. The letter and number of each sample indicate its hue, saturation (called chroma in this system) and brightness (called value). They are represented by a three-dimensional polar coordinate system in which the hue is represented along the circumference, the value along the vertical axis and the chroma along a radius (Fig. M14). See colorimetry; Farnsworth test.
Fig. M14 Schematic representation of the three coordinates of the Munsell colour systemenlarge picture
Fig. M14 Schematic representation of the three coordinates of the Munsell colour system


n a measurement of color saturation or the degree of color pureness. A color that is identified with a high chroma hue is almost completely free of white.
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In a given value group, the chroma increases from top to bottom.
To design a high chroma pearlescent pigment, we have to know the features of high chroma from the view point of the spectral reflectance curve.
The conformity between measured colour and Munsell hue, value, and chroma notation shown below each chip was first analysed.
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