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But evangelism is suspicious of the state, he notes, as it mandates Christians to perform service grounded in love through Christianly intercession.
It is, Christianly speaking, intolerable that over 20 per cent of the workforce of the Republic is persistently unemployed and that unemployment in some parts of Northern Ireland approaches that figure.
She portrays nineteenth-century Scotland as one of the last bastions of outmoded Christendom, that defensive and offensive Europe-centred response to the outside world, more culturally than Christianly determined.
In short the [Religious Right] largely forfeited the opportunity to formulate a persuasive public philosophy and to exhibit what it means to engage in politics Christianly, while it relied on the methodology of secular politics and of the secular media in the effort to, lift secular politics to a new plateau.
28) Thus he could argue it 'very wisely and Christianly done of the Magistrates, to silence those Men, who make it their great business to put such foolish and odd conceits into the people's heads, who make them to fear'.
Christianly speaking, sex outside of marriage was naughty enough; unnatural sex within marriage, sex deflected from its reproductive end, was wickeder still--an obscene abuse of the marital sacrament.
As people in the state of pure nature possessing reason, then, the sauvages had the ability to sing effectively as long as what they sang was Christianly proper.
spoke very discreetly, Christianly, and charitably to every point"; Jane Throckmorton, upon the witch's courtroom confession, emerged from her fit, kneeled and asked her father's blessing.
Teaching Christianly has been a passion of mine since I first felt the call to teach.
The result is the squeezing of divine goodness and grace into Christianly controlled landscapes, be they psychologically, culturally, or spiritually construed.
In this article, we encourage educators to utilize a three-fold integration approach to foster the development of students' knowledge, skills, and values in counseling and psychology by teaching students to think Christianly, intervene competently, and advocate effectively.
Jones and Butman have definitely succeeded in helping mental health practitioners think more deeply and christianly about the psychotherapy approaches they use on a daily basis.