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4] The withdrawal of government from a wide array of social services represents an act of compassion that will benefit these services' recipients as well as those who will step in to supply them with Christianly succor.
We propose that the intended outcome of this three part integrative task is to produce students who are able to think Christianly (knowledge), intervene competently (skills), and advocate effectively (values).
52) Each helps to define what it is to live Christianly in the world.
Kierkegaard: Thinking Christianly in an Existential Mode.
This "revised and expanded edition" of Jonathan Bonk's 1991 publication Missions and Money develops a still-relevant theme: "the challenges of living Christianly in contexts of economic deprivation and destitution" (p.
So if, in our kind of world, you want to define what love means, christianly understood, you will certainly have to have recourse to the via negativa.
Laypeople possess an important share of this discerning power, and no account of what is Christianly right and wrong is adequate without taking into consideration the laity's prudent sense of how our moral prescriptions are to be lived out in the concrete realities of practical existence.
A worldview which supports these, religiously or Christianly shaped, is rejected as meaningless.
The National GRACE Center will develop a series of national, regional, and local conferences to train Christian pastors and lay leaders to recognize, report, and respond in a Christianly manner to cases of child maltreatment.
Nonetheless, reading late modern psychology texts Christianly is more challenging than many realize, because its biggest limitation is not its errors, but its omissions--what it leaves out (and excludes) in its accounts of human beings.
Theologians wanting to start the journey about what it means to think Christianly about economic issues will find this text a useful introduction.
The Liberated Imagination: Thinking Christianly About the Arts.