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Christianizing Crimea is a well-written, solidly researched, and convincingly argued monograph.
He became greatly interested in the wars with the Indians, wars he accounted for as a punishment from God for the sins of the Puritans, particularly for their not Christianizing the Indians.
"We, al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, the Sahara region, declare our responsibility for the kidnapping of this Christianizing kaffir Beatrice Stockly, who by her work, drove out many from the fold of Islam by seducing them with crumbs of this worldly life," an English-speaking militant reportedly said, in the video.
College London) focuses on the Spanish influence in Christianizing the Maya, because they were responsible for the ruined churches she excavated at Lamanai and Tipu, but keeps in mind that after the initial conquest, the native population would be exposed to all kinds of Europeans in the colonial milieu.
Christianizing Crimea offers a fascinating historical perspective on the various forces that helped transform Crimea from a mostly Muslim Tatar land into one of the holy places of Christian pilgrimage within nineteenth-century Russia, as well as into a special case study of Christian renewal in the post-Soviet era.
to kill the infidel American Christopher Leggett for his Christianizing activities," the group said.
Mullins, in the fifth year of his presidency at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Walter Rauschenbush, recent author of Christianizing the Social Order; John Sampey; a youthful William O.
There is no trace of Christianizing in the Similitudes.