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Correction of Hemoglobin and Outcomes in Renal Insufficiency. A trial that studied the use of epoetin alfa treatment to achieve two different target haemoglobin levels in patients with chronic kidney disease
Conclusion The use of a target haemoglobin level of 13.5 g/dl (as compared with 11.3 g/dl) was associated with increased risk and no incremental improvement in the quality of life; the reason is uncertain; theories include some nebulous toxicity from the recombinant epoietin, iron toxicity, and altered blood viscosity, increased platelet activity
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Durham Cathedral's Chorister school have recorded a specially written hymn
Keira Carter, a Hywel chorister H from the age of seven until 18, now lives in Utah, USA.
While it may not be the dream of every chorister, many do intend to move on.
The first female pupils were admitted in 1993, and while choristers do still attend the school, a good singing voice is no longer a requirement for all of the 212 students, whose ages range from three to 13.
THE health benefits of choral singing are well documented, with choristers reporting that they feel uplifted and refreshed after a rousing singsong.
Choristers raised their voices after being booked to star on the show at an "insulting" price.
Members of the choir study at the Chorister School in Durham - the old stamping ground of former Prime Minister Tony Blair - while undergoing voice training and an intensive rehearsal schedule.
For the 18 boy choristers ranging in age from 7 to 14, the commitment to the choir does not end there during school term time.
Jones later recorded a version but in 1982 it was Peter Auty, a 13-year-old St Paul's chorister, who was paid pounds 300 to sing composer Howard Blake's song.
On November 17, seven to 10-year-olds with a passion for singing are being invited to audition to become one of Durham Cathedral's famous choristers, which involves joining The Chorister School ,where they will board and have lessons.
Choir tours are an important part of the experience of being a chorister at the Cathedral," said Canon Precentor, the Rev Canon Dr David Stone.