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Keywords: Twin pregnancy, Stillbirth, Prospective risk, Chorionicity, Perinatal morbidity, Mortality.
Pregnancies with unclear chorionicity, monoamnionity, and twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome were excluded from the analysis.
Unclear factors in the meta-analysis data, however, including the accuracy of chorionicity determination and the lack of information on fetal surveillance at the study centers, among others, preclude recommending a change in current practice from society-supported guidelines, which indicate that ideal delivery should fall within a gestational-age range, with delivery decisions within that range depending on numerous factors.
2 Ultrasonographic examination is important for not only the determination of chorionicity and amnionicity, but also for identification of anomalies and syndromes in twin gestations.
USG was performed to identify the chorionicity and congenital anomalies.
Because frequent antenatal testing may improve perinatal outcomes, accurate determination of chorionicity is fundamental and should be determined promptly and accurately (5-6).
Chorionicity was determined by ultrasound examination in the antenatal period and confirmed by histological examination of the placenta in the postnatal period.
Ultrasound scanning may help in assessing the zygosities of twins by determining the fetal sex, chorionicity, and amnionicity of the 2 gestations (2).
These include either establishment or confirmation of precise gestational age, early recognition and determination of chorionicity in multiple gestations, identification of many major congenital abnormalities -- including cystic hygromas that are associated with an up-to-50% incidence of chromosomal anomalies.
When offering childbirth education to expectant parents of twins, it is vital that the parents be made aware of the symptoms of preterm labor in the second trimester, of chorionicity and the symptoms of monochorionic complications such as Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS), and of the importance of discussing with their medical caregiver the timing and mode of their babies' delivery in the third trimester.