chorionic villus biopsy

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removal and examination, usually microscopic, of tissue from the living body, often to determine whether a tumor is malignant or benign; biopsies are also done for diagnosis of disease processes such as infections.
Technique for endometrial biopsy. Longitudinal strips of the endometrium are sampled using an in-and-out and rotational motion. From Rakel, 2000.
aspiration biopsy one in which tissue is obtained by application of suction through a needle attached to a syringe.
brush biopsy one in which the sample is obtained by a brush with stiff bristles introduced through an endoscope, such as for a tissue sample from an inaccessible place such as the renal pelvis or bronchus.
chorionic villus biopsy chorionic villus sampling.
cone biopsy one in which an inverted cone of tissue is excised, as from the uterine cervix.
endoscopic biopsy removal of tissue by instruments inserted through an endoscope.
excisional biopsy removal of biopsy tissue by surgical cutting, such as a lumpectomy.
fine-needle aspiration biopsy aspiration biopsy using a fine needle. For superficial tissue such as the thyroid, breast, or prostate the needle is unguided, but for deep tissue it must be guided radiologically.
incisional biopsy biopsy of a selected portion of a lesion.
needle biopsy (percutaneous biopsy) one in which tissue is obtained by insertion through the skin of a special type of needle (see biopsy needle).
punch biopsy one in which tissue is obtained by a punch-type instrument.
sentinel node biopsy biopsy of a sentinel node (the first lymph node to receive lymphatic drainage from a malignant tumor). It is identified as follows: a dye and a radioactive substance are injected into the body, which causes certain nodes to “light up” like a sentinel, indicating that they are the most appropriate ones for examination. They are detected by both the light created by the dye and the radioactive substance that is monitored by a gamma camera. If the sentinel nodes do not contain malignant cells, this usually eliminates the need for removal of more distal nodes. Called also intraoperative lymphatic mapping.
shave biopsy biopsy of a skin lesion by excising it with a cut parallel to the surface of the surrounding skin.
stereotactic biopsy biopsy of the brain using a stereotactic technique to locate the biopsy site. This can be done as a minimally invasive surgery technique. The patient's head is held in a special rigid frame so that a probe can be directed into the brain through a small hole in the skull.
sternal biopsy biopsy of bone marrow of the sternum removed by puncture or trephining; see also sternal puncture.
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cho·ri·on·ic vil·lus bi·op·sy

transcervical or transabdominal sampling of the chorionic villi for genetic analysis.
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chorionic villus sampling

A method for early—1st trimester—diagnosis of foetal genetic defects and other diseases. Tissue is obtained at 8–12 weeks (vs 16th week for amniotic fluid analysis) from developing placenta by ultrasound-guided transabdominal or transcervical catheter aspiration biopsy; tissue obtained is from the chorion frondosum, the layer from which chorionic villi develop.
Diagnostic yield
CVB, 97.8% vs amniocentesis at 16 wks, 99.4%.
Risk of miscarriage
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chorionic villus biopsy

Chorionic villus sampling Obstetrics A method for early–1st trimester diagnosis of fetal genetic defects and other diseases; tissue is obtained at 8-12 wks–vs 16th wk for amniotic fluid analysis from developing placenta by ultrasound-guided transcervical catheter aspiration Bx; tissue obtained is from the chorion frondosum, the layer from which chorionic villi develop Diagnostic yield CVB, 97.8% vs amniocentesis at 16 wks, 99.4%. See Amniocentesis.
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cho·ri·on·ic vil·lus bi·op·sy

(kōr'ē-on'ik vil'ŭs bī'op-sē)
Transcervical or transabdominal sampling of the chorionic villi for genetic analysis.
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Chorionic villus biopsy

A procedure used for prenatal diagnosis at 10-12 weeks gestation. Under ultrasound guidance a needle is inserted either through the mother's vagina or abdominal wall and a sample of cells is collected from around the early embryo. These cells are then tested for chromosome abnormalities or other genetic diseases.
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