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The cast of 16 to 18-year-olds are well choreo- graphed with a brilliant mixture of dance and physical theatre to create fight scenes and dream-like sequences.
He's nearly 50 but is still one of the world's most impressive action performers and stunt choreo- graphers.
Entertainment for this year's final promises to be as spectacular as the surroundings as the Voodoo Dolls go through their spellbinding routine of stylish and exciting choreo- graphed angle grinding and fire shows and stilt dance.
Beverley soon picked up the steps because she had choreo- graphed the panto herself.
A close pal of choreo- grapher Cris, 32, said: "His heart is broken, but he'd be a fool not to take the deal.
This morning, as they did yesterday morning, they spread out across the crash site clad in colour- coded boiler suits, and begin the slow, grim choreo- graphy of their work.
It's a task that involves coordinating performers from several dance groups and asking them to come up with original choreo- graphy for the event, "to keep it fresh.