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8) While Sicard repeats Beleth's comment that it would be better not to play this game, he gives a distinctly more positive explanation of what is going on, not found in Beleth, in clarifying that the game of the pila is in fact a chorea or circular dance.
According to the Auxerre account, the chant Victimae paschali laudes was sung to a circular dance or chorea (carole, to use the medieval French word, from which the modern "carol" derives).
56) This notion of the celestial chorea could be derived from its use in the translation of Plato's Timaeus by Chalcidius.
It seems that students at Reims had been provoked to laughter by the priest leading a chorea, in turn making the priest so angry that he broke down the door and windows of the students' house and tried to excommunicate them:
Isidore defines chorea as referring either to songs or leaping, Etymologiae 6.
58d, CCCM 41A: 106, but adding that antiphons were like a dance: "Legitur enim in Tripertita historia, quod beatus Ignatius patriarcha Antiochenus audiuit angelos cantantes antiphonatim super montem quendam et exinde instituit antiphonas in ecclesia cantari et psalmos secundum antiphonas centonizari [Sicard: cum psalmis in choro, quasi chorea cantari].