chorea gravidarum

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the ceaseless occurrence of rapid, jerky involuntary movements. adj., adj chore´ic.
acute chorea Sydenham's chorea.
chronic chorea Huntington's chorea.
chorea gravida´rum sydenham's chorea in early pregnancy, with or without a previous history of rheumatic fever.
hereditary chorea (Huntington's chorea) see huntington's chorea.
Sydenham's chorea see sydenham's chorea.

cho·re·a grav·i·da'r·um

Sydenham chorea occurring during pregnancy.

chorea gravidarum

Sydenham's chorea that occurs during the early months of pregnancy with or without a previous history of rheumatic disease. Similar symptoms may develop in a woman who is taking oral contraceptives.

chorea gravidarum

A form of Sydenham's chorea seen in some pregnant women, usually in those who have had chorea before, esp. in their first pregnancy.
See: Sydenham's chorea
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