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1. section of a vocal cord.
2. surgical division of the anterolateral tracts of the spinal cord. Spelled also chordotomy.
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Variant of cordotomy.
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1. Any operation on the spinal cord.
2. Division of tracts of the spinal cord, which may be performed percutaneously (stereotactic cordotomy) or after laminectomy (open cordotomy) by various techniques such as incision or radio frequency coagulation.
3. Incision through the membranous vocal fold to widen the posterior glottis in bilateral vocal paralysis.
Synonym(s): chordotomy.
[G. chordē, cord, + tomē, a cutting]
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Deliberate cutting of a nerve tract in the spinal cord, usually a sensory tract in an attempt to relieve severe and otherwise uncontrollable pain.
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