chondral fracture

chon·dral frac·ture

(kon'drăl frak'shŭr)
Fracture involving the articular cartilage of a joint.
See also: articular cartilage
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"He has a chondral fracture [bone chip] and he has had three screws inserted during an operation," said Anthony Bromley, racing manager to Master Dino's owners Simon Munir and Isaac Souede.
reported cartilage injuries in 95% of acute patellar dislocations and cartilage defects (osteochondral or chondral fracture) in 72% based on diagnostic arthroscopy [5, 6].
Following fixation of a traumatic chondral fracture of the femoral groove, Hatayama et al.
Avulsion of the popliteus tendon: a rare cause of chondral fracture and hemarthrosis.
Among common causes various intra-articular pathologies of the knee such as loose bodies, chondral fractures, degenerative changes, plicae can mimic a meniscal tear.