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having an action similar to that of acetylcholine; parasympathomimetic.
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Having an action similar to that of acetylcholine; term proposed to replace the less accurate, parasympathomimetic. Compare: adrenomimetic.
[acetylcholine + G. mimētikos, imitating]
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Having an action similar to that of acetylcholine; replaces the less specific term parasympathomimetic.
Compare: adrenomimetic
Synonym(s): parasympathomimetic.
[acetylcholine + G. mimētikos, imitating]
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* Recommended Dosage: 10 mg once daily (the dose shown to be effective in controlled trials), reached after patients have been taking 5 mg daily for 4-6 weeks, to reduce the risk of cholinomimetic effects.
* Special Considerations: The most common side effects are related to Aricept's cholinomimetic effects, which may be affected by the rate of titration.
Venom of marine snail Conus californicus: biochemical studies of a cholinomimetic component.
Interestingly, administration of the cholinomimetic donepezil (acetylcholinesterase inhibitor) partially ameliorated this impairment in IT suggesting that IT may, at least in part, be mediated by cholinergic processes.
A wide variety of agents with different mechanisms of action including opioids, non-opioid analgesics, 5-HT3 antagonists, a2 adrenoceptor agonists and cholinomimetic agents have been studied in an attempt to prevent or treat shivering, but unfortunately there is no "gold-standard" drug for the prevention of shivering.
Nicotine, a cholinomimetic alkaloid, plays an important role in the neurophysiologic changes which lead to dependence [1, 2].
The co-administration of cholinomimetic agents, such as bethanechol, promotes a synergism with NSAIDs in the gastric lesion induced by the increased secretion of acid and pepsin in the stomach (Rainsford, 1978).
In other cases tetrabenazine 25-150mg/day or cholinomimetic medications might be successfully applied, not only in Tardive dyskinesia but also in Tardive tremors.M but not anticholinergic agent as they will increase these dyskinesia.
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