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excess of cholesterol in the blood.
familial hypercholesterolemia hyperlipoproteinemia (type II).


The presence of enhanced quantities of cholesterol in the blood.
[cholesterol + G. haima, blood]


(1) Presence of cholesterol in the peripheral circulation (a normal finding).
(2) Hypercholesterolemia.


The presence of excessive cholesterol in the blood.
[cholesterol + G. haima, blood]
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If untreated the condition, familial hyper cholesterolaemia (FH), results in half of male sufferers having a heart attack by the age of 50.
Inhibition of elevated hepatic glutathione abolishes copper deficiency cholesterolaemia. FASEB J.
Phil Rowlands, 58, has worked with experts from the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (Nice) to develop testing for a genetic defect - familial hyper cholesterolaemia (FH) - that causes people's arteries to clog more quickly.

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