cholesterol cleft

cho·les·ter·ol cleft

a space caused by the dissolving out of cholesterol crystals in sections of tissue embedded in paraffin.
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Rupture may result in fibrosis, granulation tissue, hemorrhage, and cholesterol cleft formation or cholesterol granuloma.
Cholesterol clefts formed by cholesterol crystals were diffusely present within the fibrinoid material (Fig.
Cholesterol clefts and multinucleated giant cells may be seen, along with occasional calcifications.
Intravascular cholesterol clefts as an incidental finding: cholesterol embolism or nots Am J Dermatopathol 2003; 25: 497-9.
On histologic examination of the mass, vacuolated macrophages, fibrosis, and occasional cholesterol clefts were identified, consistent with a diagnosis of xanthogranulomatosis.
A definite diagnosis depends on documenting cholesterol clefts in affected organs.
Histologic examination of the maxillary mass showed fragments of tissue lined by respiratory epithelium with a large number of submucosal cholesterol clefts (Figure 1).
Focal collections of foamy macrophages and cholesterol clefts associated with foreign-body giant cells were present beneath areas denuded of lining cells.
Frequent foreign body-type giant cells were seen in association with cholesterol clefts (Figure 3).
There were fragments of mature fibrous tissue with numerous cholesterol clefts, siderophages, and foci of dystrophic calcification.
There were solid and cystic areas, some containing cholesterol clefts and blood.
1,2] Histologically, xanthomas appear as sheets of foamy histiocytes interspersed with inflammatory cells and extracellular cholesterol clefts.