A dehydrocholestanone, differing from cholestanone by the presence of a double bond between carbons 4 and 5.
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Cholesterol esters of HDL-C and VLDL-C are preferentially hydrolyzed by a cholesterol esterase (Chromobacterium); cholesterol oxidase and hydrazine then convert the accessible cholesterol to cholestenone hydrazone.
The SUNY researchers chose to look at the enzyme cholesterol oxidase, which speeds the breakdown of cholesterol into hydrogen peroxide and a compound called cholestenone. Bright and his leagues also added another enzyme, catalase, to the reaction to remove the hydrogen peroxide.
Other diverse functions the filters perform include separation of erythrocytes from plasma, addition of enzymes and detergents to the resulting plasma with complete mixing, retention of the plasma solution sufficiently long to ensure complete conversion of cholesterol and cholesterol esters into cholestenone and hydrogen peroxide, and subsequent release of the reacted plasma into the measurement area of the detection zone.