An oxidation product of cholestanol, differing from it in the presence of a ketone oxygen in place of the 3-hydroxyl group; an isomer of coprostanone.
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The nine sterols measured were coprostanol (5[beta]-cholestan-3[beta]-ol), epicoprostanol (5[beta]-cholestan-3[alpha]-ol), coprostanone (5[beta]-cholestan-3-one), cholesterol (cholest-5-en-3-ol), 5[alpha]-cholestanol (5[alpha]-cholestan-3[beta]-ol), cholestanone (5[alpha]-cholestan-3-one), stigmastanol (5[alpha]-stigmastan-3[beta]-ol), and sitosterol ([beta]-sitosterol).
Prior to ~1950 (7.5 cm), the sterol and stanol sedimentary profile was relatively consistent, represented on average by 13% coprostanol, 2% epicoprostanol, 3% coprostanone, 7% cholesterol, 14% 5[alpha]-cholestanol, 1% cholestanone, 15% sitosterol and 45% stigmastanol (Fig.