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Edema of the optic disc, often due to increased intracranial pressure.
Synonym(s): choked disc
[papilla + edema]
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Edema of the optic disc, due to increased intracranial pressure.
Synonym(s): choked disc, papilloedema.
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A non-inflammatory oedema of the optic nerve head produced by raised intracranial pressure, and due most commonly to a cerebral tumour. It can also result from cerebral abscesses, meningitis, encephalitis, subarachnoid haemorrhages, head injury, hydrocephalus, etc. The optic disc appears raised above the level of the retina and its margins are blurred, the central vessels on the surface of the disc are displaced forward, the retinal veins are dilated and there is nearly always a loss of induced venous pulsation. The swollen disc displaces the retina and this causes an enlargement of the blind spot on visual field measurement. In the early stages visual acuity is not affected (unlike in papillitis), although if the condition persists there will be some loss. In advanced stages, there may be haemorrhages around the disc, secondary optic atrophy, exudates, as well as headaches and vomiting. The condition is usually bilateral. Note: also spelt papilledema. Syn. choked disc. See optic atrophy; optic neuritis; pseudopapilloedema; Foster Kennedy syndrome.
Table P1 Differential diagnosis between papilloedema and papillitis
disc elevationraisedslightly raised
disc hyperaemiapresentpresent
disc marginsblurredblurred
retinal veinscongestedcongested
haemorrhagesnear discsome in late stage
pupil light reflexnormalimpaired
venous pulsationabsentpresent
secondary optic atrophypresent in late stagemay appear in late stage
visual acuitynormal, except in late stagereduced
visual fieldenlarged blind spotcentral scotoma
colour visionnormalimpaired
painabsentpresent on moving the eyes
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Edema of the optic disc.
Synonym(s): choked disc, papilloedema.
[papilla + edema]
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