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A form of restraint used to subdue overactive, unruly, violent, or inebriated subjects to prevent them from harming themselves and others, which consists of occluding the upper airway by compressing the thyroid cartilage and displacing the tongue posteriorly; the choke hold is more dangerous than the carotid sleeper, which cuts off the flow of blood to the brain, but does not compromise the airways
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Boshir said he had a "crazy adrenalin reaction" and used a choke hold he learnt while messing around with friends to make the man unconscious.
On Saturday morning he allegedly hit her several times with a newspaper and then put her in a choke hold.
Putting an epic choke hold against further damages to his image, Hulk is not only suing Bubba the Love Sponge, but he's also suing the website that leaked it.
Recorder Mark Rhind, sentencing, said: "You dragged her into the back garden, had her in a choke hold, tied her up and threatened her.
All five of those attacked were grabbed from behind in a choke hold and then wrestled to the ground.
The local newspaper industry has had a choke hold on our dollars long enough
City of the Big Shoulders," in Carl Sandburg's evocative phrase--seems hell-bent on putting a choke hold on just about everything that makes a city a city.
On the other hand, red tide toxins can exert a choke hold on people with lung disease, Kirkpatrick's team reports in a second May EHP paper.
Alas, things may not purr along back home; tossing your mane indiscriminately could turn your main squeeze into a choke hold.
We had a choke hold on Saddam Hussein for twelve years.
The good news is that midcentury modern-inspired designs have eased their choke hold on designers, who have started introducing some cool modern looks using interesting materials and shapes.
When police arrived Christian took a swing at an officer and had to be subdued with a choke hold.