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Pertaining to a choana.
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(kō′ă-nă) plural.choanae [Gr. choanē, funnel]
A funnel-shaped opening, esp. of the posterior nares (either of the two communicating passageways between the nasal fossae and the pharynx).
choanal (-năl), adjective
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Neo nates and young infants up to 6 weeks of age are obligate nose breathers, and those with choanal atresia will exhibit respiratory distress and cyanosis that worsens with feeding and improves with crying.
Choanal obstruction was diagnosed in 47 (81.0%) patients in the hydrogen peroxide group and in 51 (86.4%) patients in the control group.
episcopus (internal 4), share the flexor cranial facial zone not funded medially (character 2, condition 1); present rostral prominence (character 3, condition 1); absent median rostral concavity (character 4, condition 0); relation medial x caudal condyle of the quadrate caudal > medial (character 24, condition 1); caudal expansion of the present choanal fossa (character 35, condition 1); short maxillopalatine process (character 13, condition 0) and absent transpalatine process (character 34, condition 0).
A choanal polyp (CP) is a solitary benign tissue mass usually originating from the nasal cavity and the paranasal sinuses and extending toward the choana.
X-ray of skull ruled out the possibility of choanal atresia.
Mutation of the gene encoding human TTF-2 associated with thyroid agenesis, cleft palate and choanal atresia.
An attempt to pass a 6-French catheter beyond the mass into the nasopharynx was successful, which suggested that there was no associated choanal atresia.
They used a 4-category endoscopic adenoid size grading scale based on percent of choanal obstruction [22].