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A highly toxic crystalline acetylcholinesterase-inhibiting organophosphate insecticide used to control insect pests. It is a neurotoxin and suspected endocrine disruptor, and has been associated with asthma, reproductive and developmental toxicity, and acute toxicity
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In the United States, the chemical industry and farmers have lobbied to continue using chlorpyrifos, saying it's needed to protect crops, The Times reported.
Present study was conducted to find out the effect of sub lethal concentration of chlorpyrifos, the most widely used pesticide in Pakistan on certain hematological and serum biochemical parameters of O.
Not surprisingly, we also found that chlorpyrifos was acutely more toxic than the fungal formulations to control female P.
Genotoxic and hematological effects of chlorpyrifos exposure on freshwater fish Labeo rohita.
Intensity of growth of O-2 isolate was also found to be more in M9MM broth containing (50 mg/L) CP, analytical grade as compared to M9MM broth without chlorpyrifos. The result shows that O-2 isolate may be utilizing CP as their carbon source and will help in biodegradation of CP but further biodegradation study through technique such as high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), gas chromatography-mass spectrophotometry (GC-MS), gel permeation chromatography (GPC) is needed to be done to prove its biodegradation potential as done by many researchers in their study (41,42,26,19).
This approach will ensure that pesticides, like Chlorpyrifos, are available and used safely to promote the health and abundance of our food supply.
Long-term neurotoxicity of chlorpyrifos: spatial learning impairment on repeated acquisition in a water maze.
Metazachlor (log P = 2.7) (a); tebuconazole (log P = 3.7) (b); [lambda]-cyhalothrin (log P = 6.1) (c); chlorpyrifos (log P = 4.95) (d); deltamethrin (log P = 6.2) (e).
Because one of the essential components of the constructed wetland system is the biofilm, before adding the water containing the insecticide chlorpyrifos, domestic sewage was added to provide organic matter to the system as well as nutrients for the crops.
Subsequent environmental tests found high levels of a chemical called Chlorpyrifos, which scientists attributed to the apes' deformities.
In this paper, we present the case of a 27-year-old male patient who was admitted to our clinic with bilateral drop foot and spastic paraplegia after the ingestion of organophosphate (chlorpyrifos) and diagnosed with organophosphate induced delayed neuropathy (OPIDN).
The authors concluded that earthworms were affected detrimentally by the pesticides due to chronic (chlorpyrifos) and intermittent exposure (azinphos methyl).