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1. Relating to chlorine.
2. Denoting compounds of chlorine in which its valence is +3, for example, chlorous acid.
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The inoculated caviar was dipped for 30 minutes into an antimicrobial solution of sterile water, 250 ppm of chlorous acid, 100 ppm of chlorine dioxide and 200 ppm of peroxyacetic acid.
The chlorous acid and chlorine dioxide inhibited L.
Scientists at Washington State University evaluated the antimicrobial effect of chlorous acid against L.
If these steps don't help, have your car treated with the EPA-registered disinfectant called RenNew-A/C (containing Alcide, a formulation of chlorous acid), available at a variety of outlets, including car-dealer service departments, some service stations, and most auto A/C shops.
As an alternative, researchers at Washington State University wanted to evaluate the antimicrobial effect of chlorous acid against L.