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Common drugs causing immune thrombocytopenia Analgesics salicylates acetaminophen phenylbutazone Antibiotics cephalothin penicillin streptomycin aminosalicylic acid rifampin novobiocin Various sulfa drugs (chlorthalidone, furosemide) Alkaloids Quinidine Quinine Sedatives, anticonvulsants methoin troxidone chlorpromazine diphenylhydantoin meprobamate phenobarbital carbamazepine Oral hypoglycemics chlorpropamide tolbutamide Heavy metals gold mercury bismuth organic arsenicals Miscellaneous chloroquine chlorothiazide insecticides
6) Fortunately, a research chemist, Karl Beyer, largely through a process of trial and error, modified the formula of the suiphonamide and developed chlorothiazide, a relatively safe but effective diuretic.
Diuretics Classification/Drug Trade Names Starting Dosage Amiloride (*) Midamor 5 mg QD Benzthiazide (*) Exna 25-50 mg BID Chlorothiazide (*) Diuril 500-1,000 mg/day in single or divided doses Chlorthalidone (*) Hygroton, 25 mg QD Thalitone Furosemide (*) Lasix 40 mg BID Hydrochlorothiazide (*) Esidrix, 12.
Treatment of essential hypertension with chlorothiazide (diuril); its use alone and combined with other antihypertensive agents.
Limited Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Hydro Chlorothiazide 12.