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These bundles were immediately adjacent to photosynthesizing chlorophyllous parenchymatous cells, in the outer extremities of the rachis and presumably functioned to transport nascently synthesized assimilates into the tissues of the rachis.
Connect to the vascular tissue of chlorophyllous higher plants
luridum presents coriaceus and succulent fronds, showing a parenchyma tending to the palisade and chlorophyllous spongy parenchyma which presents large vacuoles to store water.
First results from conservation studies of chlorophyllous spores of the Royal fern (Osmunda regalis, osmundaceae).
Later on, when androgenetic embryos regenerate plantlets, plastids develop either into chloroplasts (chlorophyllous pathway) or albino plastids (albino pathway).
Each leaf consists of two lobes: an aerial dorsal lobe, which is chlorophyllous, and a partially submerged ventral lobe, which is colorless and cup-shaped and provides buoyancy.