chlorophyll b

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chlor·o·phyll b

(CH3 at 7 replaced by CHO in the chlorophyll structure), magnesium(II) pheophytinate b [(pheophytinato b) magnesium(II)]; the chlorophyll generally characteristic of higher plants (including the Chlorophyta, Euglenaphyta, and green algae). Absent in other types of algae.
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Spermine reduces the chlorophyll b band by 600 nm and increases the band by 635 nm ([Q.sub.x]).
For the cultivar 'FHIA-18', there was high and significant correlation at 0.05 probability level only between Mg contents and chlorophyll b (0.90), direct correlation, and between Ca and chlorophyll a (-0.95), inverse correlation.
Positive correlations were also discernible between chlorophyll a and total chlorophyll (r = 0.997) and chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b (r = 0.977) at 1.0% level of significance.
Chlorophyll b concentration was observed to be higher that chlorophyll a concentration in all treatment parameters except for non cryopreserved PLBs which exposed to 30 min DMSO treatment at 24[degrees]C and 20 min DMSO treatment at 0[degrees]C.
Table 2: Pigment concentration of chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b, carotenoids and anthocyanins measured at four developmental stages in inflorescence bract of 'Red' and 'Yellow' cultivars of C.
The chlorophyll concentration was calculated using specific absorption coefficients for total chlorophyll, chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b provided by the following:Total chlorophyll = 20.2 (Abs645) + 8.02 (Abs663); Chlorophyll a = 12.7 (Abs663) 2.69 (Abs645) and Chlorophyll b = 22.9 (Abs645) 4.68 (Abs663);Where, Abs645 and Abs663 = Absorbance at645 nm and 663 nm wavelength, respectively (Arnon et al.
Data analysis suggested that different drought stress levels, potassium, cultivars, interaction among drought stress and cultivars, drought stress and potassium, cultivars and potassium and also the tripartite interaction had a significant effect (P [less than or equal to] 0.01) on chlorophyll b (Table 1).
In higher plants, the chlorophyll a present a blue-green color, chlorophyll b, yellow-green and carotenoid, yellow.
Amounts of chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b, and total carotenoids were calculated as described previously (Lichtenthaler and Wellburn, 1983).
These results indicated that the yellow- green leaf color o f burley tobacco was not the result of imbalance in content ratio between chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b, but the abnormal lower content of total chlorophyll in its leaves.