chlorophyll a

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chlor·o·phyll a

magnesium(II) pheophytinate a [(pheophytinato a)magnesium(II)]; the major pigment found in all oxygen-evolving photosynthetic organisms (higher plants, and red and green algae).
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Leaving chlorophyll a to think of the fleeting delight
Further, salt marshes can decrease the nutrient supply to the estuaries and limit phytoplankton production and chlorophyll a levels.
The content ratio of chlorophyll a to chlorophyll b (Ca/Cb) at the same growth period maintained at about 3 both in Burley21 and Maryland609 from transplanting period to mature period; the content ratio of total chlorophyll to carotenoid (Ca + b/Cx) in Maryland609 also maintained at about 5, but in Burley21, it showed a downward trend (Table 2).
The maximum SY of cultivar pa was due to high chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b, and chlorophyll ab and stomatal Conductance.
The leaf chlorophyll a concentration appeared to be reduced to a greater proportion than chlorophyll b concentration in these greenbug-damaged leaves (Table 1).
Previous studies have shown that measurement of chlorophyll a (Chl a) fluorescence in plants is an efficient tool for studying photosynthesis.
Total chlorophyll content, chlorophyll a and b were determined with a spectrophotometer (Beckman DU 530, Coluter Life Science UV/VIS Spectrophotometer), as described by Wellburn (1994).
Significantly higher chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b, and total chlorophyll contents were found in the mycorrhizal plants than in the non- mycorrhizal plants.
When first identified in 1985, Prochlorothrix intrigued biologists because it has both chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b -- a combination of photosynthetic pigments that closely resembles the pigments inside chloroplasts.