One of several substitution products obtained by the action of chlorine on phenol; used as antiseptics.
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Chlorophenol microbiocides (triclosan) in household dust.
Chlorophenol compounds may cause medicinal or bandage-like flavors in some milks.
The samples and the reagents (Pipes buffer, 4 - chlorophenol, Magnesium ion, ATP, lipase, peroxidase, glycerol kinase, 4-amino antipyrine, glycerol 3-phosphate oxidase, detergents, preservative, and stabilizer) were mixed well using a vertex.
In total, there are 19 different chlorophenols. Chlorophenol and its derivatives are widely used as intermediates in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, biocides, pesticides, insecticides, textiles, leather treatment products, and wood preservatives [6-8].
The formation of 4-bromo- 2- chloro phenol (BCP) as metabolic intermediate of profenofos degradation observed in this study in consistent with the findings of Malghani et al., (15) who have also reported that on inoculation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa (isolated from soilU exposed to profenofos for a long period) in soil treated with 200 [micro]g / g profenofos resulted in the formation of 4-bromo- 2- chlorophenol (BCP) as one of the metabolite and have reasoned out that it could be due to breaking of ester bond linkage of the parent compound by the bacterium.
(a) water based -- water with ortho--phenyl phenol or tertiary amylphenol or O benzylp- chlorophenol (b) alcohol based -- Ethyl or iso propyl alocohol with O phenyl phenol or tertiary amylphenol (c) Iodophor -- butoxypoly propoxy poly ethoxy ethanol iodine complex Patient Treatment:
chlorophenol accumulation proceeds in kidneys, spleen, liver, heart, brain and fat tissue.
This result is in agreement with the results of the study conducted by Makris (2000) in which O-benzyl-p chlorophenol has shown antibacterial property against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria.
After incubation to allow the tacrolimus analog-coated Cr[O.sub.2] particles to scavenge the excess amount of antibody-[beta]-galactosidase conjugates that were not bound to tacrolimus, the Cr[O.sub.2] particles were magnetically separated from the reaction mixture in the vessel and an aliquot of supernatant containing tacrolimus: antibody-[beta]-galactosidase conjugate complexes was transferred from the reaction vessel to a photometric cuvette containing chlorophenol red-[beta]-D-galactopyranoside (CPRG).
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