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A refrigerant with anesthetic properties when inhaled; it hydrolyzes to methanol.
Synonym(s): methyl chloride
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The manufacturing of chloromethane remains a hazardous process with serious environmental contamination potential.
There were no associations with the process-related VOCs, p-dichlorobenzene, chloromethane, or methylene chloride.
The report covers the important global chloromethanes markets.
The total market for chloromethanes has been analyzed based on the Porter's five forces model.
Stringent government regulations across the North American and European regions will have the vital influence on the overall global chloromethanes market.
The Asia-Pacific region emerged to be the driving factor for this market, with China, is the leading country in the consumption of chloromethanes, due to the increased demand from the allied industries and large population needs.
Furthermore, different chloromethanes market participants are also profiled in the report.
Dow was also cited for underreporting the volume of chloromethane and propylene oxide released from the facility during calendar years 2000, 2001 and 2002.
3 /PRNewswire/ -- The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: DOW) has announced that it will study the feasibility of building a world-scale production facility for chloromethane products in China.
The study will also assess various technologies for producing the family of chloromethane products to meet local Asian demand.
As the world's largest producer of chloromethanes, with capacity well in excess of one billion pounds, Dow's global chlorinated organics business is committed to satisfying the future needs of its customers in China and the rest of the world.