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A refrigerant with anesthetic properties when inhaled; it hydrolyzes to methanol.
Synonym(s): methyl chloride
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The plant proposing to produce hazardous chloromethane chemical, which is used as an intermediate in the production of fluorocarbons and fluoropolymers, and as a solvent in pharmaceutical manufacturing, metal cleaning/ degreasing, and other chemical processing applications.
The owner admitted that chloromethane is used on site but that the substance is used in factories throughout the EU.
EPA], 2002), including acetaldehyde, chloromethane, and 1,4-dioxane.
The Togliatti butyl plant uses the original technology of polymerization in an aliphatic solvent, not in commonly used chloromethane. This technology has definite advantages for the production of halogenated IIR
In addition, the MeAPSO-34 catalysts synthesized by incorporating Fe, Co, and Mn exhibited enhanced catalytic lifetimes and properties in comparison with SAPO-34 when transforming chloromethane into light olefins [32].
Environmental activists have alleged that Dow is setting up a chloromethane unit in Dahej and Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Ltd ( GACL) without obtaining mandatory environmental clearances.
Most ORs were close to 1.0 for chloromethane, p-dichlorobenzene, and methylene chloride.