chlorine dioxide

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chlo·rine di·o·xide

(klōrēn dī-oksīd)
An oxidizing agent used to sterilize medical and dental instruments and in oral health care to decrease volatile sulfur compounds that could cause halitosis.
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LEvels of chlorine dioxide measured over Thule were five times lower than in the south.
The aim of the trials was to assess the potential for reducing total chlorine dioxide consumption in the bleaching sequence.
Although chlorine dioxide has been reported successful in treating taste and odors, there are some cases where it has failed also.
"The recommended safe limit for chlorine dioxide in the USA is 0.00008 grams per litre of water.
Thereafter, 630 animals (total length 5.92 [+ or -] 0.84cm; weight 1.70 [+ or -] 0.68g; n=50) were distributed in 21 experimental units (100L capacity each), with 30 fish per unit, to calculate median lethal concentration of chlorine dioxide. The following concentrations of the chemical agent were tested: 0 - 1 - 1.5 - 2 - 2.5 - 3 and 4ppm, in triplicate.
In Europe, chlorine dioxide is sometimes pumped into storage rooms to sanitize produce.
Figure 1 shows the designed chlorine dioxide electrolysis equipment.
Chlorine Dioxide is an extremely effective oxidiser and biocide, and can be used in many water disinfection applications.
'Chlorine Dioxide is a very effective oxidizer and biocide that can be used in almost any water disinfection applications -- from the reservoir to the tap and for diverse purposes varying from recovering 'soured' oil wells to disinfecting poultry houses, he explained.
Although the company has chosen not to be named, its experience illustrates how organisations which have previously failed to combat infections by traditional methods such as chlorine dioxide, can escape the sword of Damacles which hangs over all such establishments.
Apliclor has been awarded a contract by the Water Consortium Bilbao - Bizkaia (CABB) to supply three Aquadiox chlorine dioxide generators for the Venta Alta drinking water treatment plant in Arrigorriaga, Spain.
Speight et al (2011) of the Health Protection Agency Microbiological Services, Porton Down showed that six out of seven of the most effective and fastest acting disinfectants tested were based on chlorine dioxide and produced by Tristel.