chlorine dioxide

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chlo·rine di·o·xide

(klōrēn dī-oksīd)
An oxidizing agent used to sterilize medical and dental instruments and in oral health care to decrease volatile sulfur compounds that could cause halitosis.


a gaseous chemical element, atomic number 17, atomic weight 35.453, symbol Cl. See Table 6. It is a disinfectant, decolorizer and irritant poison. It is used for disinfecting, fumigating and bleaching, either in an aqueous solution or in the form of chlorinated lime. See also hypochlorite, chloramine.

chlorine dioxide
used in the aging of flour to make it more suitable for baking. Process does not produce toxic amino acid derivatives as other agents do. See also agene process.
chlorine disinfectants
compounds which have a high content of free chlorine and exert a disinfectant effect by releasing the chlorine.
chlorine gas
liberated from chlorine disinfectants and in factory effluents. Causes irritation to respiratory mucosa up to the point of pulmonary edema.
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Still, the tocopherol content declined by up to 56% when peroxyacetic acid was used, and the beta-carotene content declined somewhat when the cabbage was placed in contact with gaseous chlorine dioxide.
The purpose of the presented study was to evaluate the efficiency of chlorine dioxide pre-disinfection followed by GAC filtration in the removal of DBPs precursors from water and to control DBPs formation.
An outside laboratory was commissioned for recovery testing of the beta-lactams after exposure to chlorine dioxide gas.
Prior to the TBS technology, chlorine dioxide had never been produced for small-scale applications in a hospital room or in a bio safety cabinet, Mr.
Like the chlorine solutions currently used in industry, chlorine dioxide gas kills microorganisms by oxidizing them.
Use of chlorine dioxide and ozone for control of disinfection by-products.
ENVIRONMENTAL Protection Agency has conditionally approved Selectrocide, a chlorine dioxide product, as a disinfectant, sanitizer, and algaecide for applications in the horticulture and food-processing industries.
government spent several hundred million dollars recovering buildings with large-area contamination by using chlorine dioxide fumigation.
It uses chlorine derivatives, such as chlorine dioxide, that CIWMB says can "still produce toxic chlorinated organic compounds, including chloroform, a known carcinogen.
Jon Christie, commercial director of the water technology business at ERCO says he can easily imagine an increase in the use of chlorine dioxide in potable water throughout North America in the next two or three years and the Thunder Bay ERCO plant is poised to capitalize on the market.
The new contract, valued at USD30m, covered services in connection with an integrated chlorine dioxide plant for a new greenfield pulp mill.