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To treat or combine with chlorine or a chlorine compound.

chlo′ri·na′tion n.

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Q. Are throat nodulars caused by second hand smoke, allergy drip, and reflux. Also can chlorine and rust in water

A. Throat nodules, or also known as - vocal cord nodules, are usually caused by maximum contact between the two vocal cords. The cause of these formations are usually strenuous or abusive voice practices such as yelling and coughing. Persons who are often susceptible are those who use their voice constantly in a loud environment. Examples include teachers, cheerleaders, politicians, actors, musicians and singers. I am not sure I understand the question about chlorine and rust in water, I don't think these factors have a connection to vocal cord nodules. Other throat nodules can be cause by smoking (not as much in second hand smoke), alcohol or chewed tobbacco use.

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The salt water chlorinator can last for up to six or seven years if taken care of, and since there are no moving parts, has less chance of wear-and-tear.
End result: The salt chlorinator satisfies the residual and disinfection requirements, and the ozonator meets the oxidation requirement.
Gas from the cylinders flows to the chlorinators operating under a vacuum created by the chemical induction system located in the entrance of the main chlorine contact chamber.
Despite Leslie's Pool Mart's contention that all packaging claims are preempted, we conclude that unless the EPA has specifically considered the packaging methods for a [product like chlorinator tablets], the domain preempted is the narrow area of child-resistant packaging.
In proportional control, the chlorinator feed is adjusted to increase or decrease with water flow.
The responsibility lies with pool operators to thoroughly understand and follow their chlorinator manufacturer's product guidelines in order to prevent health and safety risks for patrons and operators," Pickens said.
Tender notice number : NIT No 07/2017-18 S/E/C/tesing of chlorinator incl 5yr O/M UWSS Jalore
Factory-built housings, completely equipped with chlorinators, appurtenances, plumbing, and wiring, are furnished by Plasti-Fab, Inc.
Calculations are relatively straightforward to determine the elapsed time for a change in chlorinator feed rate to be seen at the solution diffuser.
Or the chlorinator and control units may be separately purchased--the latter from instrument manufacturers.
MAC-500 Electro chlorinator plants including operation and maintenance of the plants for a period of 01 (one) year as well as supply of common salt to operate chlorinator plants at Garden Reach.