chlorinated paraffin

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chlo·ri·nat·ed par·af·fin

a solvent for dichloramine-T.
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On the step of insertion of microspheres chlorinated paraffin CP-470 is inserted into the emulsion as a plasticizer.
This settlement will require Dover to participate in an EPA review of all types of chlorinated paraffin products sold by the company and bring Dover into compliance with the Toxic Substances Control Act," said Ignacia S.
September chlorinated paraffin wax market main influence factors: First is chlorinated paraffin wax in September is the market consumption season, plastics, rubber, the downstream working rate continue rebound, the demand in growing trend, which hasgreat positive influence on chlorinated paraffin wax prices.
The project, which is the first of its kind in Qatar and in the GCC region, will not only produce chlorinated paraffin wax but also produce caustic soda, hydrochloric acid, sodium hypochlorite and calcium chloride.
Short-chain chlorinated paraffins are chemical substances obtained by chlorinating straight-chain paraffins or alcanes.
About 50 to 60 plants produce chlorine-based chemicals, including about 30 chlorinated paraffin wax plants.
Limited Tenders are invited for Online Offers Are Invited From Approved Suppliers For Supply Of Chlorinated Paraffin 60 Percent 6000 Kgs
The company is also studying the possibility of launching a number of additional ventures including ones related to chlorinated paraffin waxes, autoclaved aerated concrete, unsaturated polyester resins and dry mix mortar.
is introducing Hordaresin 171, a resinous chlorinated paraffin that has found a new application as part of a flame-retardant system for injection molded HDPE pallets.
The brochure provides facts and addresses alumina trihydrate, magnesium hydroxide, antimony oxide, chlorinated paraffin, phosphate esters and zinc borate.
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