chlorinated lime

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chlo·ri·nat·ed lime

a mixture of varying proportions of complexes of chlorine with calcium oxide and calcium hydroxide. Contains 24-37% available chlorine. Decomposes in moist conditions to liberate chlorine. Strong irritant due to chlorine vapors. Used for disinfecting drinking water and sewage; in the bleaching of wood pulp, linen, cotton, straw, oils, soaps, and laundry; as an oxidizer; in destroying caterpillars; and as a decontaminant for mustard gas and similar substances.
Synonym(s): bleaching powder


charged with chlorine.

chlorinated acids
some, e.g. trichlorbenzoic acid, sodium chloroacetate, sodium trichloroacetate, are used as weedkillers and are relatively harmless as far as animals are concerned.
chlorinated hydrocarbons
chlorinated lime
bleaching powder.
chlorinated naphthalene
chlorinated phenols
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