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Polymer solution was divided into four parts each of 30 mL, the first three parts contain 4ml of DCP and 4ml of TBPB indicator with different concentrations of chloral hydrate as 0.
Chloral hydrate in pediatric magnetic resonance imaging: evaluation of a 10-year sedation experience administered by radiologists.
Chloral hydrate is widely used as sole agent to induce anesthesia in equines.
Following anesthesia with intraperitoneal 10% chloral hydrate (300 mg/kg), right nephrectomy was done in these animals.
Cross sections were cut by hand, bleached in commercial sodium hypochlorite and 5% chloral hydrate, stained in 1% safranin; zinc chloride-iodide and phloroglucin microchemical tests were applied for examination of cellulose and lignified fiber walls respectively (D'Ambrogio 1996).
1]) and four (16%) received a single daily dose of codeine (two with sucrose, two with chloral hydrate: one of each of these required infusion rate increase; maximum rates were 129 to 243 [micro]g x [kg.
Comparison of chloral hydrate and midazolam for sedation of neonates for neuroimaging studies.
He had already become interested in eye surgery and had experimented with anesthetizing the eye with morphine, ether spray, chloral hydrate and potassium bromide, all of which were known to have effects on the nervous system.
5mg/kg was administered as a pre-anesthetic and chloral hydrate 1gm/10kg as a general anesthetic, intravenously.
To assess the trend of vascular tissue differentiation of 14-day old seedlings, primordial leaves covering the vegetative shoot meristem were removed and stained with chloral lactophenol before examining under a Zeiss stereomicroscope.
Surface preparations of floral parts were mounted in 50% v/v glycerol solution either directly or by clearing the organ with chloral hydrate solution, followed by mounting in 50% v/v glycerol solution[7].
CYP2E1 is the most important enzyme in the conversion of TRI to chloral hydrate through intermediate metabolite(s) formation (Nakajima et al.