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Relating to or caused by any bacterium of the genus Chlamydia.
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Relating to or caused by any bacterium of the genus Chlamydia.
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Relating to a bacterium of the genus Chlamydia.
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Q. How do I know if I'm infected by chlamydia?

A. i had this a long time ago,i got it when i was stationed over seas,i had painful urinations,had a puss like discharge,and sores on the penis.i always had discharge stains in my underwear.

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Estimation of the risk of tubal factor infertility associated with genital chlamydial infection in women: A statistical modelling study.
Chlamydial muridarum (Cm), a mouse chlamydial strain, was reproduced and purified as previously described [30].
Serological evidence of prior chlamydial infection was determined in both groups by examining for the presence of Chlamydia immunoglobulin G antibodies in their blood.
However, the sensitivity of both Rapid Kit method and PCR assay are proved to be the same for Chlamydial identification in Urethral discharge.
Chlamydial titers were determined by infecting McCoy or HL cells with 10-fold dilutions of thawed stock suspension.
Uterine samples for chlamydial DNA detection were collected in PBS and frozen at -70[degrees] C.
Genital chlamydial infection was associated with age, race/ethnicity, income, marital status, number of sexual partners, and education.
trachomatis surface protein and host genetics in the immunopathogenesis of chlamydial infection.
Sexually transmitted infections such as chlamydial and gonorrhoeal infections can damage the tubal mucosa.
If symptoms persist for more than three weeks, negative results do not preclude bacterial or chlamydial infection and, therefore, tests should be repeated.
She fills a void of books that concentrate on the clinical and public health aspects of chlamydial infection (sexually transmitted genital infections only), and provides rarely presented information covering pregnant mothers and their babies, outbreaks of lymphogranuloma venereum (LGV), and chlamydial infections in gay and lesbian populations.
(4) In the Amazon region, there is little data about the actual prevalence of chlamydial infections.