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Of or relating to chitin.
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Of or relating to chitin.
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(kī′tĭn) [Gr. chiton, tunic]
A polysaccharide that forms the hard exoskeleton of arthropods such as insects and crustaceans. It is also present in the cell walls of some fungi.
chitinous (-nŭs), adjective
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Total 28 isolates were recovered from chitinous rich bulk soil and agriculture land.
The spent pupas were dried, crushed manually and the chitinous matter was removed.
Terrestrial salamanders evaluate size and chitinous content of arthropod prey.
The chironomid larval assemblages, represented by their chitinous head capsules preserved in lake sediments, have become a widely used paleoclimatological indicator group for quantitatively reconstructing past temperatures, especially at high latitudes and altitudes (e.g., Larocque and Bigler, 2004; Fallu et al., 2005; Axford et al., 2009).
The halkieriids bore conical mollusk-like shells as well as calcareous structures similar to the chitinous bristles typical of polychaete annelid worms.
The mouth sub terminally situated, strongly was chitinous and armed.
ghanensis) from the same specimens was probably due to the chitinous exoskeleton of these mites making them resilient and resistant and would take a longer time to be destroyed, engulfed, and digested by the macrophages and giant cells.
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