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Obsolete term for surgical.
[L. surgical, fr. chirurgia, surgery, fr. G. cheirourgia, handicraft, fr. cheir, hand + ergon, work]
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Le manque de moyens techniques et dae1/4aoorganisation pour prendre en charge ce type dae1/4aointerventions chirurgicales constitue aussi un Uu[c]cueil.
Nous avons examine les differentes indications et techniques chirurgicales utilisees.
Dickinson, Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society, 1897.
The difference between this clinical case [3] and our patient concerns the very bad postoperative clinical tolerance and the need for urgent chirurgical intervention in the case reported by Schweiger et al.
Le traitement de reference en matiere de gangrene vesicale perforee est chirurgical. Il consiste en une laparotomie d'exploration, un lavage peritoneal abondant et un debridement etendu des zones de necrose avec excision des berges de la perforation pour passer en tissu sain.
The president who has just resumed his activities after a chirurgical operation on his right knee, said next year general election will be held as scheduled without delay.
En cooperation avec le ministere de la Sante, ils ont fourni a l'hopital de Murzuq suffisamment de materiel chirurgical pour operer jusqu'a 50 blesses, le cas echeant.
The use of enoxaparin in a chirurgical induced osteonecrosis rat model demonstrated an improvement of quantities of necrotic and newly formed bone compared to control group after 1 month [7].