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(kī-rŏp′tər-ən) also


Any of various mammals of the order Chiroptera, having forelimbs modified as wings; a bat.

chi·rop′ter·an adj.
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With the addition of these three species and the omission of Myotis nigricans nesopolus, the chiropteran fauna of the island is composed of eight species.
Chiropteran diversity of Bajaur Agency in FATA was never explored, the present study was therefore planned to ascertain the presence or absence of bat species belonging to the genus Pipistrellus.
The chiropteran fauna of the semi-arid caatinga is relatively poorly-known in comparison with other brazilian biomes, but the scenario increasingly evident from recent surveys, including the present study, is one of relatively reduced abundance and species diversity.
More recently the emergence of a number of Chiropteran viruses has caused considerable alarm.
Additional studies on helminths of bats of the northern Great Plains are warranted to further advance our knowledge of chiropteran parasites and their geographic distribution.
Our superstitions regarding them, and the resulting persecution, have resulted in a dramatic decline in almost all chiropteran species, and the outright extinction of many.
During present survey, the agro-ecosystems of Punjab province were searched to find out the chiropteran diversity belonging to the genus Pipistrellus.
Bartonellae have been identified in bats sampled in locations around the world where diverse chiropteran host species can interact with numerous Bartonella variants and potential arthropod vectors (1-3).
The chiropteran diversity of Pakistan is comparable to any other region of the world with similar climatic conditions and topography.