chiropractic technique

chi·ro·prac·tic tech·nique

(kī'rō-prak'tik tek-nēk')
Manual treatment, prescription of preventive and rehabilitative exercises, and patient education on matters such as posture, ergonomics, nutrition and diet, and healthy lifestyle.
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There are approximately 100 chiropractic technique systems.
Daniel Kamen), has also written three bestselling books on animal chiropractic technique, among them The Well Adjusted Dog.
June 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- In 1995 chiropractor Daniel Kamen conducted his first of four hundred animal chiropractic technique seminars that was not just for licensed chiropractors and veterinarians, but also for regular horse and dog owners.
19 /PRNewswire/ -- Known for bringing innovation to the chiropractic profession, Activator Methods International introduced the industry's only web-based seminar program dedicated exclusively to the Activator Method Chiropractic Technique.
Fuhr presents updated resource for the world's most widely used instrument-based chiropractic technique
a chiropractic technique now taught in one of the leading chiropractic colleges, Life Chiropractic College West.
Deed Harrison presented attendees with new and cutting-edge chiropractic research, chiropractic techniques and concepts on spinal rehabilitation and correction during this 3-day retreat.
Carr is an expert in the most advanced chiropractic techniques available.
But a jury last month convicted him of twice sexually assaulting one woman and of physically assaulting a second when he tried out amateur chiropractic techniques he had picked up in Poland, causing her more pain than she was in already.
Once you are on a GCC approved course, you will study subjects such as anatomy and physiology; orthopaedics and physiotherapy; human structure and function; biochemistry and biomechanics; general medicine and internal medicine; practical, manual skills and chiropractic techniques.
Carlson Chiropractic offers chiropractic techniques, therapeutic modalities and rehabilitation services.
The condition was compounded by a suspected collarbone fracture, so using very gentle chiropractic techniques Zoe was able to correct the misalignment of Robyn's spine and help reduce the muscle spasm, which has allowed her to move her neck freely to both sides.