chiropractic technique

chi·ro·prac·tic tech·nique

(kī'rō-prak'tik tek-nēk')
Manual treatment, prescription of preventive and rehabilitative exercises, and patient education on matters such as posture, ergonomics, nutrition and diet, and healthy lifestyle.
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The chiropractic technique usually involves a rotation of the neck and sometimes a forceful thrust that can lead to greater risk for cervical artery dissection, or small tears in the walls of arteries in the neck.
Chiropractic technique; principles and procedures, 3d ed.
There are approximately 100 chiropractic technique systems.
Allison and Matthew Lapp practice a specific wellness chiropractic technique known as Network Spinal.
Our final multivariate model (Table 4) included the following: type of clinic; population of practice area; province of practice; number of hours of practice per week; number of treatments per week; post graduate studies; management training; main sector of activity (occupational/industrial); providing radiographic examination at the clinic; care provided to patients (electrotherapy, soft-tissue therapy); chiropractic technique used (Sacro Occipital technique, Thompson, Cranio-sacral technique); percentage of patients with neuromusculoskeletal conditions; and the percentage of patients referred by their employer or a physician.
It is important to note that this Special Issue contains articles that not only investigate the use of Diversified chiropractic technique for patient care but also Sacro Occipital Technique, Upper Cervical Technique, acupuncture and nutriceuticals.
Evaluation of publicly available documents to trace chiropractic technique systems that advocate radiography for subluxation analysis: a proposed genealogy.
When asked which chiropractic technique systems they use when treating pregnant patients, over half of the respondents reported using Diversified technique (89.9%) and soft tissue therapy (61.6%), followed by Activator (42.0%) as shown in Table 5.
After Diversified technique (indicated by 90.7% of respondents), the most commonly used technique system was Activator (53.7%), Thompson Terminal Point (33.3%) and Upper Cervical techniques (14.8%); over a dozen other chiropractic technique systems were reportedly used in declining frequencies (see Table 3).
Upon review of the methods section, we read children in that study were treated using a chiropractic technique called "Neurolmpulse Protocol", which the authors describe as a combination of toggle recoil and Logan Basic techniques.
As such, clinical outcomes could differ greatly depending on whether or not the AAI was used purely for instrument-assisted adjusting (i.e., the use of an activator to impart a chiropractic adjustment), or used as part of Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique (AMCT), a technique system that involves a group of specialized diagnostic procedures while assessing patient leg length in the prone position.
According to the 2005 National Board of Chiropractic Examiner's (NBCE) Job Analysis (1) 51.2% of American chiropractors report using the AAI for patient care, although this data does not differentiate between those practitioners who use the AAI only (often as a substitute for HVLA manipulation) from those practitioners who use the Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique (AMCT), a technique system that involves a group of specialized diagnostic procedures during prone leg length checking.

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